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What to do with steam turbine oil emulsification

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Turbine oil looks white after being used for a period of time. This is the phenomenon of oil emulsification. How to deal with the emulsified oil? Purify it with an oil purifier.


Turbine oil itself does not have the ability to emulsify. The main cause of oil emulsification is that the oil is permeated with water. Oil and water are incompatible, and the density of oil is smaller than that of water. When oil and water are mixed, under the action of temperature, vibration, pressure, etc., they wrap each other to form countless tiny partitions, which appear white under the action of light refraction, that is the oil is emulsified.


The water separation device of the oil purifier uses the principle of molecular separation technology to perform variable pressure analysis on the oil and eliminate the intermolecular binding force, so that the dissolved water and free water in the oil can quickly break the oil film and then separate from the oil molecules to be precipitated. The water content after circulating treatment can reach or even exceed the national requirement for water content in oil. Therefore, the emulsified steam turbine oil can be recovered by our machine oil purifier.

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