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Lubricating Oil Filtration Machine

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Lubricating Oil Filtration Machine

Vacuum Lubricanting Oil Purifier is used for filtration and purification of high precision lubricating oils such as used hydraulic oil, refrigerator oil, antiwear hydraulic oil,compressor oil,gear oil, quench oil, cutting fluids etc. TYA series can quickly remove water, gas, mechanical particle and volatiles in oil by physical way. Improve oil quality, restore oil viscosity, flash point and performance.

1.Strong capacity of removing water, gases and impurities.

2.Coalescence separation filter combined with vacuum system to remove moisture from oil effectively.

3.Equipped with multistage filtration system.

4.Equipped with automatic backwash system.

5.Wide application scope for various kind of oils.

We prevent breakdowns through lubricating oil filtration, reduce waste and save you money.

For more details about our oil filtration machine, please contact us freely.

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