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How to ensure the life of the oil filter

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How to ensure the life of the oil filter

Generally, the downtime of the oil filter is relatively long. In many cases, it may not be used for a long time, and the interval between two uses may be several months. Therefore, we must pay attention to the shutdown precautions of the oil filter. Because this is related to the service life and operating performance of the oil filter.

The first thing to note is the shutdown precautions: the order of shutdown is to turn off the heater first (this must be the first to turn off). If you do not turn off the heater first, it may cause empty heating, cause the machine to burn out, and even cause dangerous accidents such as electric leakage. Second, after turning off the heater, we need to continue to keep the vacuum pump and oil pump running. When the oil cools below 50 degrees, proceed to the next step, because if the machine is shut down directly under high oil temperature, the high temperature oil may seal Pieces have an adverse effect. Then turn off the vacuum pump and the oil pump, and at the same time open the bleed valve on the vacuum tank to release the vacuum. Due to the low internal pressure, it may not be possible to remove the oil inside the machine. When removing the oil in the tank, we can take reasonable use of the oil pump and the opening and closing of the ball valves to effectively remove the remaining oil inside the machine. At the same time, we need to pay attention to that if the machine is not used for a long time, we must completely remove the remaining oil inside the machine at this time. So that it can be turned on smoothly next time it is used, and will not pollute the nature of the next oil product.

The above are the precautions for shutting down. At the same time, we need to pay attention to the maintenance of the machine when it is shut down:


1. After long-term use, we need to pay attention to check whether the electrical equipment and wiring are burnt out, and if found, solve the problem in time.

2. Regularly replace the vacuum pump oil in time.

3. Clean the filter element regularly to prevent impurities from hardening and coking and blocking the filter element.

4. The water condensed from the condenser must be drained out every time to prevent water from corroding the body.

The above is an important means for us to ensure the longevity and normal use of the machine.


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