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Centrifugal-Vacuum Oil Purification Machine


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It is applied to recover and purify various unqualified industrial oil, with large amount of water and impurities, such as emulsified hydraulic oil, turbine oil and etc. After treatment, oil quality index is enhanced and restored. Oil can be directly used by machinery or equipment.
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① Integrate centrifugal dehydration method with vacuum dehydration technology into one whole; completely and high efficiently and completely remove liquid water and 80% trace water

② Adopt high polymer material filtration system and make full use of Germany brand MAN++ centrifugal filtration technology so as to successfully eliminate the large liquid water and large size of particles from oil

③ With the help of vacuum dehydration system, combines the the high precision filtration method, the trace water and tiny impurities, can be thoroughly eliminated from the oil

④ Dstinvtive impurities-removing technology,combine with double FH Treapezoidal network and absorbing by high polymer material with out mechanical power.

⑤ With Zhongneng unique automatic foam controlling system, the oil gas corrosion can be avoid as well as smoothly operation of the whole oil treatment procedure

⑥ Equipped Double electromagnetic valves, over flow valve and double infrared liquid level control system so as to realize automatically oil inlet and outlet, to realize full automatic operation and totally no person on-duty.

⑦ Trinity inter locked preventive device, provide effective over-voltage protection, oil leakage protection and dry-heating protection.

Working Principle

l  Oil flow into the primary filter via oil inlet pump and big size particles will be removed from oil.

l  After primary filtration, oil flow into heater and being heated.

l  The heated oil flow into centrifugal separation system and completely dehydrate large amount of liquid water

l  The dehydrated oil flow into vacuum separation system via the power of vacuum dehydration and trace water will be removed.

l  Then the oil flow into fine filter and the tiny impurities will be removed. Thus the a centrifugal vacuum oil filtration process is finished.


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